5 biskut Oct 28, 2008

Day 2+Day 3

Day 2

Ted Adnan was one of our lecturer for flash photography as for the second day of the seminar. He is a proud a900 user.

A total sifu man!

Taught us on how to use the pop-up flash the right way so that there is no over-exposured pictures, how to control the shadows on your subject, how to use and create a reflector, how to bounce the flash using the "white plastic", etc..etc..


There's another thing! We have to make an introduction video about ourselves! OMG! Mine is sssooooooo geeky! Please dont laugh at it when it's uploaded in the internet later! 


And not to forget there were a lot of lines like this:

"Ira, don't look at the board! Look into the camera!"

"Ira, the camera is on already maaaa..."

"Hiya! My name is Atiqah Syahira (for the _ times)...wait, I forgot my line. Hehe..sorry..."

"Urgh! That's terrible. Can we do it again?"

"Can we just do it from the middle? Im tired of repeating my name...*sigh*"

And now I know how hard it is to be a host!

Then, what?

Oh yes...we were given a lecture from Choen Lee, a reknown renown creative (unrated sort) photographer.

I must say, his job is excellent!

We have to think out of the box or else, we'll hit the wall. Think of the absurd or the impossible.

He said. and I said, OK.


We are having an automotive photography. With another reknown renown photographer,Darren Chang.

And this is the babe for the day!

^Am working on it!^


^Using our A300. I was bored.^

I do not know much about cars so when it comes to the task to take the best picture, just one, I was damn stuck!

Everyone else seemed to know what they are doing and that effects me the most.


But as I have mentioned earlier to my friend, I was active the most when:

  1. When it was time for dinner
  2. When its time for some recess
  3. When the lens is focusing towards me. (Or maybe something behind me. I don't care!)
  4. When we were taking jumpilation shoot by Ari and Nick
  5. When we finally get to have pictures (of all of us!) with the Porche
  6. Its time to call it a day!

I have to admit I was quite passive today.

Thankfully I have really good friends to support me.

Terima kasih Bhaiya, his partner, Yin, My ex-partner, Chantelle, my lil sis, Ash, my partner Christ, and Melissa and bla3...

Ok..ok..so you see? All of them are really sweet.

So I just hate it when the producer wants us to go agressive and fight each other.

I dont think I will last long in this show. Huhu...


But I dont really mind

Its the lifelong knowledge and once in a life time experience im looking for!


Yeah. Thats all for the seminar updates.

We will have a couple weeks break before the contest start so I better start to get used to the a300!

See ya then!


p.s: Picture credit to Syafid!

4 biskut Oct 27, 2008

Double Exposure: Seminar

I am speechless.

What am I suppose to say?
Where should I start?
What the...

Ok2..I'll try to keep it as simple as possible...
I managed to arrive on the dot at The Garden last Saturday. Phew~
Met the other contestants. Everyone was looking really...
Friendly+nervous(me)+relax(everybody else).

Gathered in a meeting room. Was given a brief explanation of what we are going to do..bla3...
Oh! And yesss..

^Wohoo! Its there!!!^

^It's...mine! Muahahaha!~^

Ok...ok..I'm kidding...
Then we were given 10 minutes to get to know each other.
It was hard! But a really nice experience. (No one will be offended if we failed to remember each others name. hehe...safe mode!)
Let me see...
  1. Nicholas
  2. Jason
  3. T.C
  4. K.J
  5. Melissa
  6. Chantelle
  7. Chrisler (Sory dude. I don't know how to spell your name. Ishk.)
  8. Christ
  9. Debby
  10. Ash
  11. Ashraf
  12. Jannah
  13. Khalil
  14. Seth
  15. Hanafi
  16. Rahim
  17. Ari
  18. Izzie
  19. See Toh
  20. Tan
  21. Fransco (Same with you. Not quite sure if this is the right spelling. Sorry!)
  22. Kenneth
  23. Calvin
  24. Basri
  25. Shaz
  26. Brian
  27. Syafiq
  28. Eddy
  29. Yin
  30. ME! ME! ME!
Yay! I did it!
Hopefully I will not rank in the 30th place or else I'll be kicked out from the show in the first episode!!

So...anything else?

Actually, there is a lot from me to tell, seriously! But I am too tired that I cant think straight (because it's went to the bed).

I'll try my best to share everything that happen during the show but, there will be no more photos included.
Strictly Sony Malaysia's right.
And no spoilers will be included!

See ya later!

1 biskut Oct 25, 2008

Malam Senandung Bahasa 2008 Mempersembahkan...



1 biskut Oct 24, 2008

Usaha Tangga Kejayaan!

Saya kena hantar refleksi untuk subjek English Language Proficiency. 
Dari pukul 9 malam tadi sampai 2 pagi baru siap.
Pukul 11 malam tu, masih lagi fikirkan introduction. (Saya tak suka buat reflection!)

Punyalah berusaha nak siapkan. Saya rasa, saya nak tidur. Lagi best!

Saya pun teringat satu tugasan Mathematics Geometry saya yang baru hantar hari tu.
Betul-betul buat saya rasa, give up tu sangat-sangat merugikan!

Tugasan dia mudah je. 
Build a polyhedra. A tough looking polyhedra. (Tarik balik "mudah")
Saya search internet, cari cara origami untuk bina polyhedra.

^This is how it looked at first. Masih bersemangat!^

^Haih. Dah macam ikan mutant. ^

^Dah nak jadi! Dan dah pukul 2.30 pagi.  ^

Sekali, tah hape silapnya, polyhedra saya berterabur balik. Cubaan yang ke-(tak terkira)!
Dan saya pun terus..
Biar je kertas-kertas tu atas meja. Tarik selimut. Tidur. Huh!

Esok pagi.
Dah nak siap pakai kasut nak ke kelas dah ni...

"Ala..kesiannya. Tinggal 6 pieces je lagi."
"Tapi kalau buat pun tak jadi buat apa...*sedih*"
"Tak kira! Just give it a go. One last time!"

Dan saya pun usaha jugak buat!
Cubaan pertama. Hancus jugak. Tapi..eh? Macam dah jadi dah ni!

"Ingat! Ingat! You have to insert the pieces precisely!"

Cubaan kedua. Sikit lagi!
Cubaan ketiga.

^Alhamdulillah! (Depan)^


Selamatlah handphone saya ada autofocus.
Boleh buat bokeh. (Ehem!)
Takde lah jelas sangat katil saya yang bersepah tu.
Hehe...(tapi macam kantoi jugak je...)
(Amaran: Bukan calon isteri pilihan)

Aaahh! Tak kira! 
Bestnya perasaan tu.

Murid-murid, jangan mudah mengalah ye?

p.s: Dan biasakan kemas katil terus lepas bangun tidur ye? 

p.s.s: tengah cari masa nak buat origami yang lain pulak!

5 biskut Oct 19, 2008

Double Excitement, Double Audition!

And that's it!
I went for the second audition the next day, Sunday. 
Went in rush and luckily, the Sony people understood that I was in a hurry1 to catch a bus and our session went short and "sweet"!

Saya      : "Hiya! I'm back!"

Sony      : "Hey! U made it! So your friend told me that you have a bus to catch so we'll make it quick, OK? The task goes...

I am your client and I would like to sell something and I need you to advertise it with your picture. You will have three minutes to rearrange the dolls and then, three minutes to take three pictures and then, choose one of them to present to us.

Saya      : "Woo...ccool..*perplexed*"

Sony      : "Oh come on! You are a teacher, you should have no problem presenting the picture yes?"

Saya      : "Eh? Sure! No problem man! (Erk?! Present Murid dan Alam Belajar pun dah kelam kabut!)"

So there goes. I managed to shot three (VERY) hideous pictures and presented it. (READ: "GORENG")

Saya      : "Yeah. So how was it?"

Sony      : "Hmmm...there will only be 30 contestant chosen for this show bla3...and...*BAM!!!* Congratulation! You are in the  TOP 30!!"

Saya      : "Erk!? Apa ni? K.C, ma'am, are you guys sure? VERY SURE?"

Sony      : "Eh? Can you see any camera in here?"

Saya      : "Err..nope?"

Sony      : "So yeah! This is NOT a joke! *laugh*"

Saya      : "So this is not Wakenabeb la?"

Sony      : "Nooo! Hahaha! *And four of them laugh some more (sampai kerusi pun nak terbalik!)*"

Saya      : "Heheh..malu2( )...so what do I do next?"

Sony      : "OK. You have to wait for our call to inform you about the three days seminar2. During Deepavali holidays. You will be there right?"

Saya      : "Im a teacher. And school holidays are ours too! (Pergh! Berlagak! Ekeke...)So yeah. I'll be there. InsyaAllah."

The session went some more for a while and were filled with laughter so much that even one of the the panel stop eating his lunch!

Thankfully, I didn't get too nervous (Fuh! Fuh! Relaks...relaks!) since all the panel are so cool and cheekily happy. 

They kept on laughing to what I said. (Some might know what happens when I'm in kelam kabut.)

Saya tak faham apa yang kelakar sangat. Tapi saya memang sangat heeeepppppiiii!~

Wish me luck!

Nota Kaki:

1 Nak cepat pun, sempat jugak layan Naz untuk interview sebagai salah sorang contestant! Sengallah Naz! Haha! They pick me up since I stand out the most in the crowd because there was a floating baloon tied-up to my bag! Siapa punya kerja tu?? 
2 They called! It is confirmed that the seminar will be held during this Deepavali holidays at Midvalley, The Garden, 25th to 27th. From 10am to 8pm. (Ala..melepas Tok Long saya punya annual raya open house kat Damansara! Ishk..)

8 biskut Oct 18, 2008

KLPF : Double Excitement!


Satu petang di Kuala Lumpur Photography Fest...

Saya : "Guys, I think u should know that the only camera I've ever touched is my K750i!"

Sony : "Oh…nevermind, we are not looking for professionals. We are looking for people with personalities and passions towards photography."

Saya : "Oh. Ok!"

Sony : "We really like your personality and if we want you to come back tomorrow for the second audition would you come?"

Saya : "What the....I dont know yet. I have a bus to catch. And now why would you want ME to come back for the second audition?? *puzzled*"

Sony : "Ooo..k. How bad do you want to be in this show? *smile*"

Saya : "Real bad! Haha! Since this is the only way I'll learn about photography FREELY! *laugh*"

Sony : "Say, if we want you to do bungee jumping, you know? Any sorts of outdoor activities, can you do it?"

Saya : "Yeah!*Jump* Would love too! (mampus2...)"

Sony : "Oh? *Quite stunned with my replies.* So..That's it! See you tomorrow?"

Saya : "Uh..Yeah! Sure! I'll do my best! (Alamak! Esok dah nak balik JB??)"


^Teruja kot?!^

5 biskut Oct 12, 2008

A friend in need is a friend indeed...

Ibn al-Qayyim

that makes me realize that the world is not all, and always, about me.
Im ok now...

Kita memang perlu diingatkan...
Itulah gunanya kawan...
Terima kasih...

Credit to Bhaiya for the quote from Ibn Al-Qayyim. 
0 biskut Oct 10, 2008

Malam Senandung Bahasa: Hari ke-4

"Kerja buat props dah siap 95%!"


p.s: Kesian props' people...keletihan...

0 biskut Oct 8, 2008

Malam Senandung Bahasa: Hari ke-2

Gigih berusaha!

^Menghafal skrip^

^Props' people^

^ ^

^Practice Makes Perfect.   ^

Terharu saya tengok kerjasama yang diberikan walaupun berlatih sekali, ketawa berkali-kali. 

Apa pun, 

4 biskut Oct 6, 2008

Ala...Im back in JB?!

Kenapa bila balik je tempat yang bernama JB ni tiba-tiba je ada banyak assignment?

By the way...
Our Class' Latest Project:


^"Ish..siapalah yang tangan ada vibrate ni... "^

Itu..gambar Malam Senandung Bahasa tahun lepas la ...

In short,
Kami sekelas kena sertai pertandingan ni.
Syarat-syarat umum (yang sempat ingatlah maksudnya tu...):
  • Perlu ada puisidra (ie: puisi+drama)
  • Ada elemen-elemen raya
  • Maksima 10 orang yang akan naik ke pentas
  • (err..tak ingat dah...)
Kami...warga opsyen Matematik (yang "baik" lagi "skima") berjanji, akan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh menjayakan malam senandung bahasa ini!  

Saya bertugas sebagai prop-master!
Wee~ Bestnya!
Buat masa ni baru siapkan jalan cerita, saringan akan dibuat pada 21/10/08, dan final 22/10/08. (Kalau lepas ujian saringan... )

Hmmm...rasanya itu jelah berita terkini yang ada.
Apa-apa pun...

Latest progress will be updated soon!