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It's updated! Episode 3 and 4!
It's one hell of a funny video of me looking completely nervous during the presentation!
It's so slow to download!
It's... It's... It's...

Take a look and have a good laugh!



Some tips for downloading the video:
  1. Make sure you are going to sleep, preparing for bed. 
  2. Then, click on "Play" the video.
  3. You'll see that the blue line is gone which means they are downloading it. (What? Do you think the video is downloaded for you before you clicked on it? Oh. One can always dream.)
  4. Quickly, click "Pause". So that you don't have play the video, and then it'll stuck and then, you'll get irritated by the buffering and downloading process of the video.  
  5. Get on the bed. Hide in the nice and warm duvet of yours. (You can wear your peel-off mask or slices of cucumber to rest your tired eyes.)
  6. Go to sleep. Oh yes. A beauty sleep. 
  7. When you wake up the next morning, you could shower first, brush your teeth, grab a cup of coffee (if you want). Then;
  8. Get rid of your laptop's screen saver. You'll see the blue line if there again!
  9. Or I mean, the video is fully downloaded! *Yay!*
  10. Have a good laugh as your breakfast. Oh don't worry. It's my treat. Hehe. 
Picture credit: My sister!

13 Biskut

Anonymous @ 12/24/08, 7:23 AM
skali update blog terus 3 entries ya?

well...by doing all the 10 steps u've mentioned, I do not think it already downloaded..it just buffering yet..
you have to use some tools to download it..
and by the time u close ur browser, u'll have to buffer it again IIRC....
anyway, lets ask for the geeks :-p

Firewabbit @ 12/24/08, 10:32 AM
hellloooo.... nah biskut .

milk and cookies @ 12/24/08, 12:49 PM

Hehe. Tiba-tiba ada mood nak post banyak-banyak. Nah! Hehe...

Oh. Of course. The actual size of the video was 10G, then they resized it. That's why the resolution is absolutely poor and yet, still failed to overcome the downloading and the buffering problem. Hmph!

And yes, the website does not offer downloadable video link like they did in the previous episode 1 and 2. You (or some geek, I'd say? Hehe) have no choice but to use your own skills and softwares or what-so-ever things needed to make it downloadable.

And we are still wondering why didn't they upload it in the Youtube like the Malaysian Dreamgirls did. Atleast it'll be a lil bit faster?
(Well, to be honest, I never knew MDG ever existed if it wasn't because of my friend who mentioned it!)

Anyway, thanx!


milk and cookies @ 12/24/08, 12:51 PM

Hello darling! *Munching*
Thank you for the biscuits! *Still munching*


Anonymous @ 12/24/08, 1:17 PM
well...there's some ways to download it..
like what i've done before..

use DownloadHelper You can find tutorial about using it here..heheh

or use Orbit Downloader. It has Grab++ features that will enable you to download from any streamig sites,including Viddler...

ok done.. da abes tutorial...
ade ke patut saya merepek2 lam blog awak..

milk and cookies @ 12/24/08, 1:37 PM

Oh lo and behold!
The geek has shown its true colours!

Thank you for the guides!
I'll be sure to try it out sometimes.

Ini bukan repekanlah!
Terima kasih!

Anonymous @ 12/26/08, 9:18 AM
waiting for episode 5 lew...
dah kuar ke?!

i luv ya blog layout.
comey jew~

milk and cookies @ 12/26/08, 12:41 PM

Yup2! Episode 5 is OUT!
Second round tasks for Group A by the poolside.
*batuk-batuk sikit*

Terima kasih.
Credits to the designer!

Tawel Sensei @ 12/26/08, 5:03 PM
Eh, ada apa-apa ke promosi hamba ni? :D

Anyway, TQ for that inspiring tips! :P
Sangat-sangat diperlukan dalam keadaan internet saya yang lembap sekarang ni.

this is kj @ 12/30/08, 7:48 AM
Episode 6.. the ultimate.. MUAHAHHAA =P akan datang.. di viddler terdekat anda.. yang lambatnyer sekali.. =P

Anonymous @ 12/31/08, 9:51 AM
nex time kite jmpe lagi k!

milk and cookies @ 12/31/08, 8:04 PM
Tawel Sensei:

Siapa promote siapa? *Ehem!* Jangan perasan!
Haha! Tak2...gurau je...
Karang habis layout saya jadi layout myspace, payah cerita la pulak! Hehe...

Tips? Oh... Sama-sama!
Saya selalu buat macam tulah. Cool kan?
Tak payah tahu ilmu geek untuk "jadi" geek!

this is kj:

Hehe. Memang! The ultimate? :|
Di viddler terdekat? Yelah tu...


InsyaAllah jumpa lagi.
Silalah update flickr u tu. Nak tengok segala gambar hari tu. Heheh...
Anyhow, terima kasih!

Anonymous @ 1/2/09, 10:18 AM
agak lama tak upddate flickr
bz banget
wokeh will update nanti!

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