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Double Exposure: Episode 2

Don't miss the next episode of Malaysia's First Photography-themed Online Reality Show, Double Exposure!
Here I'll briefly "copy-and-paste" the explanation about the show...
A recruitment campaign will be organized and a total of 30 contestants will be recruited. The criteria of contestants should comprise people of different race, gender, character, fashion sense in order to create more spices and drama throughout the race. All contestants must be amateur photographers. 1 or more representative from Vertex Music will assist in selecting the contestants but the final decision will be made by representative from Sony. Contestants should be able to fully commit for 3 months (not exceeding this number) for this competition. Photography seminars will then take place before the official start of the race. All the contestants will then randomly be group to pairs to kick off the competition. Every week there will be groups eliminated from the race until the final 3 contestants are born on the final week.

Every phase professional photographers cum judge will be throwing out themes for the contestants to compete. Every group will then be required to produce a series of 5 photographs for every theme given. Towards the end of every episode the contestants are given time to explain and express their idea for every photo taken. The judge will then take all aspects into consideration and decide which group will be eliminated from the race. The 10 minutes result show will take place in a separate day of the week.

I believe the next episode will be aired tomorrow. Thursday.
Followed by the result episode, in Saturday, I think.
Be sure to have a look ya!

p.s: Careful not to laugh please! Photobucket

4 Biskut

Anonymous @ 12/5/08, 10:47 AM
wah i rajin... so i tulis komen. lol

milk and cookies @ 12/5/08, 1:01 PM

Err... :|

Tawel Sensei @ 12/5/08, 8:22 PM
Eh mana si Syafiq? Yang belakang sekali tu ke? Sebelah brader pakai orange beanie ke?

(Abis la calar kereta tu :P)

milk and cookies @ 12/6/08, 12:05 AM
Tawel Sensei:

Err... Tak perasan la pulak?
Syafiq yang saya perasan, ada kat belakang kereta. Brader pakai beanie oren-handmade tu nama dia Khalil. Heheh...
Dia jahit sendiri tau!
Saya rasa macam nak belajar je dari dia...

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