4 biskut Oct 27, 2008

Double Exposure: Seminar

I am speechless.

What am I suppose to say?
Where should I start?
What the...

Ok2..I'll try to keep it as simple as possible...
I managed to arrive on the dot at The Garden last Saturday. Phew~
Met the other contestants. Everyone was looking really...
Friendly+nervous(me)+relax(everybody else).

Gathered in a meeting room. Was given a brief explanation of what we are going to do..bla3...
Oh! And yesss..

^Wohoo! Its there!!!^

^It's...mine! Muahahaha!~^

Ok...ok..I'm kidding...
Then we were given 10 minutes to get to know each other.
It was hard! But a really nice experience. (No one will be offended if we failed to remember each others name. hehe...safe mode!)
Let me see...
  1. Nicholas
  2. Jason
  3. T.C
  4. K.J
  5. Melissa
  6. Chantelle
  7. Chrisler (Sory dude. I don't know how to spell your name. Ishk.)
  8. Christ
  9. Debby
  10. Ash
  11. Ashraf
  12. Jannah
  13. Khalil
  14. Seth
  15. Hanafi
  16. Rahim
  17. Ari
  18. Izzie
  19. See Toh
  20. Tan
  21. Fransco (Same with you. Not quite sure if this is the right spelling. Sorry!)
  22. Kenneth
  23. Calvin
  24. Basri
  25. Shaz
  26. Brian
  27. Syafiq
  28. Eddy
  29. Yin
  30. ME! ME! ME!
Yay! I did it!
Hopefully I will not rank in the 30th place or else I'll be kicked out from the show in the first episode!!

So...anything else?

Actually, there is a lot from me to tell, seriously! But I am too tired that I cant think straight (because it's went to the bed).

I'll try my best to share everything that happen during the show but, there will be no more photos included.
Strictly Sony Malaysia's right.
And no spoilers will be included!

See ya later!

4 Biskut

Tawel Sensei @ 10/27/08, 7:13 AM
Oo itu ke kameranya? Kalau dapat terus tu, memang sedap. Tapi apakan daya, ia bukan milik mu! (Jangan perasan naaa..)

milk and cookies @ 10/28/08, 1:02 AM
tawel sensei:

Takpe..tak perasan pun..
Saya sedar saya siapa..ishk2..

Camera ni best woo..
Ada Live View...
Jadi takdelah mata cepet bila tengok kat viewfinder macam...(insaf2...)

Hikhikhik...(gadis, control2..)

Anonymous @ 10/28/08, 6:10 PM
wahh..!!jeles2...!!!!dapat shoot kete tu...siap ade studio light..!!warghh...!!aku sungguh jeles..!!!

Syafiq Azuan @ 10/30/08, 4:05 PM
Huahuahua~ Looking at the list, u mmg kene Ultimate Wakenabeb! :D

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