13 biskut Nov 27, 2008

Why So Sengal?

There's no point for me to hide the news since the rumours are everywhere!

And by the way, 
Here's the subtitle for the individual introduction video:

You can call me Syahira, or Ira.
I'm 19 (going on 20! *mumbling* Photobucket)
Vote me, vote me, and vote me so you can see me more in the Malaysia's First Photography-themed Reality Show, DOUBLE EXPOSURE! (Photobucket)


p.s: Man! The studio flash was so hot! I was melting! And yes, I'm doing this because they misspelled my name! Ugh...Photobucket 
7 biskut Nov 26, 2008



Have a pleasant day everyone! 
6 biskut Nov 24, 2008

Hello Seth!

^Seth, with Pepper!^

Kawan-kawan, jumpa Seth! (Meet Seth)
He's one of the 30 contestant in the Double Exposure Reality Show.
At first, I thought he's fierce. 
But nope.
He's a total sweet guy!

^told ya!^

And Last Sunday was his birthday! Wee!

^With all the birthday presents^

^Still have time to pose while eating! Haha! ^

^Showing off with Jason! Wek!^

^Getting ready...Hehe! (And uh, Ari, what's with that pose ya?)^

^Seth bukan 5 tahun lah!^

^Laughing out loud (and he mean it!)^

We went for a little Teh Tarik (TT) Session last Friday, to celebrate his birthday as well as his farewell party as he's going back to Sarawak (Yes, He's actually an Iban!) the very next day evening. (And I'm gonna miss this guy badly... )

I kinda missed all my D.E friends...*weepy*

If you haven't notice it yet..
I added the new label "Keluarga Double Exposure Saya" on the right side of this blog.
But this is only a few of them ok...
Will add all 30 of them later cause Im stilll searching (read: stalking) them in the net. Haha!

Btw Seth, Happy _ _st/nd/rd/th Birthday! (Cheese... He never tell us his age! On purpose!)
I've been wishing you thru your handphone, your Facebook and now, my own blog!
But heck?! I don't care! Hehe..

Thank you for inviting me to the blasting TT session!
Thank you for picking me up from Subang Jaya to Hanafi's...
Thank you for all the fun in Crossroad 2! Hehe...
Thank you for all the guidance you've given to me all this very short while...
And most of all,
Thank you for the friendship....

p.s: Thanx Jason for the pic!

Qaseh Sofea: Mission Ops-Mata!


Last friday, I went to see my little baby niece, Qaseh Sofea with my Ummi, Ayah, my sis and both of my aunts.
Our mission? Is to see her eyes! She has been sleeping everytime we went to see her and it was tough to wake her up cause when she sleeps, she is a sleeping machine!


^One of the gimmick. Hmph!^

It was a failure at first. Then we wait for a while. An then, wait for another hour. Continued for another half an hour. Then later we gave up! Arrgh!
Ummi started tickling her cheeks, her neck, and she is a pro at making GIMMICK!

Her face started to crumble, for a split second, then she fell asleep, also, in a split second! And it happened for a few times!
Urghh...then, after 15 minutes of tickling, she woke up! Open her eyes slowly (really, slowly!) and looked around for a few minutes before she started to cry! Aww...how sweet! (I'm not mean right?) 


I mean, everyone was anticipating her eyes, her sound or her movement! Because she is such a darling! She rarely cries, just sleeps.

^Her Mummy!^

Here's me, tickling her baby soft cheeks! Hehe...

^ ^

Oh yess...now I remember why she sleep exactly like a baby (duh?!), it was raining outside and the air was a bit chilled and absolutely purrrfect for a sleep! Especially, for a baby!


12 biskut Nov 14, 2008


Maksudnya, hari ni sebab masa saya tulis post ni sudah pukul 4.05 minit pagi.
Saya baru balik dari Johor Bahru. Ingatkan tak nak balik sebab ada sepupu kahwin di Kulai. Tapi...

Keranamu Qaseh Sofea...

Jadi bersiap sedialah!
Blog ini bakal penuh dengan gambar-gambar model kenit saya! Haha!

Esok juga...

^Kuala Lumpur Photography Fest 2008^

Saya ada meet up dengan seorang kawan sekolah lama saya.
Alphanatic. Nak menuntut!
Jadi agak-agak terjumpa dua ekor makhluk merayau-rayau di sekitar Bukit Bintang dan anda semua tak segan nak mengaku kawan, silalah tegur-tegur. Kuala Lumpur tu panas. Mana tau boleh ajak pergi minum ke?

Nak tidur. ZzZzz...

Kredit untuk gambar (yang sangat poyo): Panda Bhaiya
10 biskut Nov 7, 2008

My 20th Birthday Present!

^The Cutest Bunch!^

Weight: 2.5 kg

I bet she's gonna be a very tough little girl
She didn't cry when she came into the world!

9 biskut Nov 6, 2008

And he's a GIRL!

My sister in law safely gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today!
And so, my brother is a proud parent now!
I am:
  1. Happy!
  2. In awe...
  3. Excited!
  4. Hate having to be in Jb right now...
  5. Can't wait to go home!
During the pregnancy, both of them went to scan the baby and the doctor said the baby's gonna be a boy.
But puff!
He's a girl!

So now...
They didn't expect the baby to be a girl and we are all excited to find a meaningful name for the lil princess.
Im thinking about names that will resembles purity, because that's the only thing that will come into my mind whenever i think about her.

Names I've found out so far...
  1. Afwan  : Kemaafan (Forgiveness)
  2. Aiman  : Berkat (Blessing)
  3. Amna  : Ketenangan (Calmness, Tranquility, Serenity)
  4. Auni  : Ketenangan, Lemah Lembut (Graceful)
  5. Iman    : Iman, Kepercayaan (Belief, Faith)
  6. Insyirah  : Kegembiraan, Lapang Hati (Happiness)
  7. Kamilia  : Bunga (Flower), Suci (Purity)
  8. Mardhiah  : Diredhai (Blessed), Disayangi (Loved)
  9. Naqiah  : Bersih, Suci (Purity)
  10. Nasuha  : Suci Murni (Truly Pure)
  11. Qasidah  : Suci (My mom will surely like this name cause there's "Q" in it)
  12. Safi  : Bersih, Suci (Purity)
  13. Safwana  : Suci (Purity)
This is just 13 of the names I managed to found for now.
Any idea?
My mom wants to have "Q" in the names.
(Iqram, Aqmal, Atiqah and Naqiah) 
And it's hard to find one. Huhu...

Any ideas of meaningful names to share?
Drop a comment!

p.s: pictures coming up soooooon!