3 biskut Dec 24, 2008


Some little updates on Qaseh. 
Last week, she was a bit grumpy and cried a lot. Oh and turned out she was a bit feverish. 
So we went to Selangor Medical Center to do some check up. Plus, its already due for her monthly weighing, Hepatitis Injection etc2.

And it broke our heart to hear her crying because of the injection pain. Photobucket

^While waiting for the doctor to finish up her lunch (hour)^

^Yesterday! Hehe...^

Heaps of love! Photobucket

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Anonymous @ 12/24/08, 1:19 PM
Qaseh da nampak makin besar dah..
Ur previous entry (yang awak dok cubit2 die suruh die bangun tu la) still nampak kecik..
ke sebab Acik die yg jage ni?
hahahaha :-p

c a b b i e n a @ 8/9/09, 12:09 PM
da elok ek qaseh...
take care ye bb comel

milk and cookies @ 8/13/09, 11:10 AM

Dah sihat Alhamdulilah. Gigi pun dah tumbuh. Hehe. Trimas!

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