5 biskut Sep 18, 2008

About me (from the other perspective)

So...do u think this really suits me?

-still giggling (the 7th and the 10th are the funniest! Heck?!)-

I was speechless when I heard the list...
It was actually my lecturer's idea to do the activity...
We have to pick out a name, randomly, from a box.

The name will contain one of your classmates' name and you have to write a minimum of 10 positive, good things about him/her.
It was really fun!

We had a blast just by listening to the list of positive things our friend made about their friends.It was funny, honest and at the same time, a very touching moment.

I never knew that my friends (and I) have created such a bond after nearly three years being together as a classmate. -weepy-

p.s. can not wait til 2011. But I wish it will not come either :(

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Anonymous @ 9/19/08, 2:12 PM
haa... meh sini aku komen. Hahaha.

1) Open minded? agreed! :D
2) Senang di ajak bercakap? hahaha. Ya, ya.. betul. Selalu meleret OT. (Masuk Air)
3) Haa. part ni aku setuju. cakap laju gile!
4) Hehe, kalo tak rajin takde la dia tulis blog neh.. ;D
5) Kreatif? eh? ye ke? er.. ye kot.. haha.
6) Peramah? Setuju!
7) Lawa? huahuahua.. xde komen..
8) Eh? aktif ke?
9) Haah, ni aku setuju! Tinggi betul! :D
10) Raji sngt2.. ye ke? haha. xtau.. tapi ye ke? xtau.. :)

milk and cookies @ 9/20/08, 10:54 PM

ni sorang lagi...
ada-ada je..
i mmg rajin bersukan la u..
atlet nih!

Anonymous @ 9/22/08, 3:14 PM
the handwriting looks familiar , but i cant remember where i seen it ?


milk and cookies @ 9/22/08, 10:10 PM
thanx for droping by anyway!~


Anonymous @ 9/22/08, 10:26 PM
its me , yuva a.k.a Nila !

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