7 biskut Nov 24, 2008

Qaseh Sofea: Mission Ops-Mata!


Last friday, I went to see my little baby niece, Qaseh Sofea with my Ummi, Ayah, my sis and both of my aunts.
Our mission? Is to see her eyes! She has been sleeping everytime we went to see her and it was tough to wake her up cause when she sleeps, she is a sleeping machine!


^One of the gimmick. Hmph!^

It was a failure at first. Then we wait for a while. An then, wait for another hour. Continued for another half an hour. Then later we gave up! Arrgh!
Ummi started tickling her cheeks, her neck, and she is a pro at making GIMMICK!

Her face started to crumble, for a split second, then she fell asleep, also, in a split second! And it happened for a few times!
Urghh...then, after 15 minutes of tickling, she woke up! Open her eyes slowly (really, slowly!) and looked around for a few minutes before she started to cry! Aww...how sweet! (I'm not mean right?) 


I mean, everyone was anticipating her eyes, her sound or her movement! Because she is such a darling! She rarely cries, just sleeps.

^Her Mummy!^

Here's me, tickling her baby soft cheeks! Hehe...

^ ^

Oh yess...now I remember why she sleep exactly like a baby (duh?!), it was raining outside and the air was a bit chilled and absolutely purrrfect for a sleep! Especially, for a baby!


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Syafik @ 11/24/08, 11:18 AM
Huwa.. coomelnya. Ni ke partner masak2 nuryn? Haha. coool.. Uiks, Qaseh.. nuryn dah pandai naik walker~ :P

susu dan biskut... @ 11/24/08, 11:59 AM

Yes! Yes! Dan makcik dia bakal Supervisor yang ayu...muahahaha!

Dah pandai naik walker? Hehe...
Mesti kecoh!
Qaseh, jom naik merc!

Tawel Sensei @ 11/25/08, 12:47 AM
Eh kaki Sofea!
Tetiba rasa mahu ku geletek kakinya yang kenit itu!

*Kuci kuci kuci*

shazwan @ 11/25/08, 11:27 PM
si comel..!!
si kecik yg comel!
kecik2 da comel..

n, ur face tells everything!

susu dan biskut... @ 11/26/08, 12:54 AM
Tawel Sensei:

Sofea, meh acik ajar karate ala-ala Po dalam cerita Kungfu panda nak?


Yess! Im h♥ppy~

Tawel Sensei @ 11/26/08, 3:51 AM
Sofea, Kecepen ada gula-gula. Jangan belajar karate tau! :P

susu dan biskut... @ 11/26/08, 6:52 AM
Tawel Sensei:

Sofea, jangan terima gula-gua dari orang yg tak dikenali tau?

Lagipun, acik ada gula-gula yang lagi sedaaaaaap!


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