6 biskut Nov 24, 2008

Hello Seth!

^Seth, with Pepper!^

Kawan-kawan, jumpa Seth! (Meet Seth)
He's one of the 30 contestant in the Double Exposure Reality Show.
At first, I thought he's fierce. 
But nope.
He's a total sweet guy!

^told ya!^

And Last Sunday was his birthday! Wee!

^With all the birthday presents^

^Still have time to pose while eating! Haha! ^

^Showing off with Jason! Wek!^

^Getting ready...Hehe! (And uh, Ari, what's with that pose ya?)^

^Seth bukan 5 tahun lah!^

^Laughing out loud (and he mean it!)^

We went for a little Teh Tarik (TT) Session last Friday, to celebrate his birthday as well as his farewell party as he's going back to Sarawak (Yes, He's actually an Iban!) the very next day evening. (And I'm gonna miss this guy badly... )

I kinda missed all my D.E friends...*weepy*

If you haven't notice it yet..
I added the new label "Keluarga Double Exposure Saya" on the right side of this blog.
But this is only a few of them ok...
Will add all 30 of them later cause Im stilll searching (read: stalking) them in the net. Haha!

Btw Seth, Happy _ _st/nd/rd/th Birthday! (Cheese... He never tell us his age! On purpose!)
I've been wishing you thru your handphone, your Facebook and now, my own blog!
But heck?! I don't care! Hehe..

Thank you for inviting me to the blasting TT session!
Thank you for picking me up from Subang Jaya to Hanafi's...
Thank you for all the fun in Crossroad 2! Hehe...
Thank you for all the guidance you've given to me all this very short while...
And most of all,
Thank you for the friendship....

p.s: Thanx Jason for the pic!

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smashpOp @ 11/24/08, 10:22 AM
eh i wan a post like this too!! come come put my face big big. llololol

susu dan biskut... @ 11/24/08, 11:20 AM

Haha! Then do a VERY BIG party, with a VERY BIG photobooth and (buy me!) a VERY BIG camera! Muahaha! I will post a lot of your pictures (big big ones) until it exceed the bandwidth!


p.s: Baru tahu Jason gila glamour! Haha!

Eit, update me when u are going to the MIFA? Nak ikut menyibuk! Hehe...

Syafik @ 11/24/08, 12:04 PM
Haha.Jason.. tunggu time b'day u la. (uiks u! I nak jugak!)

Haha. Si seth penganas dah tua. Hehehe.

ari7474 @ 11/24/08, 10:58 PM
Ira, u really remind me of my lil sis laa... Cakap tak berhenti. Anyway, this is cool laa..

Ey... Jangan kutuk my partner tau.. Dia tak gile glamour but dia dah memang glamour. Hahaha. Tu lah pasal I pun nak tumpang jugak.

"Apabila kite glamour.." hahahahahaha ;) "kite jadi fresh..!!"

Again, Seth my bro.. datang KL jangan lupe keluar minumx2.. Ciao guys..

susu dan biskut... @ 11/26/08, 12:07 AM

Sibuk jaaaaa! Haha! U dah tua...lagipun, kalau i ingat birthday u, kena ingat orang lain punya birthday jugak...ades...apa nak hadiahkan korang ni?? Kopak2...hehe!


Yeah? Your sis mesti sama cool, ayu dan comel macam i kan Ari? Selamat tak ikut "style" abang dia...phew!~

What? I tak kutuk la... Itu namanya adjective. Salah satu characteristic Jason. Hakhak!
U coming to George's class tomorrow?

"Apabila Ari buat "style Ari", kita tak jadi nak fresh!" Haha!

p.s: Do U have Seth's blog link?

Seth Peli @ 3/21/12, 11:27 PM
wow... i was going tru some pics, then i remembered, i spend one bday wif fwens in Asia cafe and i google it. I found your blog. Thanks for the post. will call u guys up when i get to KL soon...


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