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Kenduri Along


Last week, I went to Bagan Datoh, Perak to attend Along's wedding reception.
He's the son of my ummi's cousin's . (Dua pupu la kiranya kan?)
Newly wed to a beautiful lady, Kak Zah.

^The Bride^

Oh! There they are...

Lovely couple isn't it? Photobucket

And uh, that's the only picture of them that's not blurred, overexposed or underexposed.
(Yes. Yes. I know I took horrid pictures. Just another lucky shot. Photobucket)
Plus, I was intimidated by Along's friends who happens to be a group of professional photographers.
Yeah. Along is a loyal Canon 350D user , mind you!
Big flashes, gears, gadgets? You name it! (Hehe. Am I exaggerating a bit?)
Even tissues too!
Oh how you should see how dedicated they all were during both of the groom's and bride's reception!
Here's one of them…

^Falique. Ehem, bila nak belanja makan?^

And do check out the wedding pictures he took at his Flikcr!

Therefore, to stop myself from being too proud with my abstract (READ: blurred, overexposed or underexposed) pictures, I went off wandering around, lepak-ing with my long-lost-relative of which (much to my embarrassment) I've met quite a few times but failed to remember each and everyone of them.
Ok. Ok. Maybe not all them. Uh, Half? Photobucket

Here's a picture of them bursting out laughing of my ummi's joke. Photobucket


And the kids! Simply love taking pictures of them!



^I SWEAR! (x33) *Fingers crossed*^

And her…

^Alert! Alert! Cuteness Overload's Detected!^

Oh! Not to forget, the flower girl!

^The Cute Elis!^

The food? Not bad. They even served roasted-on-the-spot chickens! But when I went back to take a few shots, the charcoals were already wet and the men were packing up. *Ceh...*Photobucket

Anyhow, the reception was beautiful and HEAPS OF CONGRATULATIONS to Along and Kak Zah!
Do drop by to our house sometimes if you guys miss Leo, Blackie, Kumbang and friends but please don’t take them home. Photobucket

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Tawel Sensei @ 12/12/08, 3:47 AM
Aaah~ Ku sukakan ketenangan yang terpancar dari wajah si tudung merah jambu itu. Nampak bersih dan suci.

Agak-agak orang yang selalu buat poker face boleh pancarkan macam itu tak? ;)

ahmad_falique @ 12/13/08, 12:26 PM
thank you cik susu dan biskut for the free iklan...hehehe...


Von Charlie @ 12/19/08, 9:07 AM
Hey!lawa ape gamba2 tu.anyways,nice blog.will visit more often nanti.good day!:)

susu dan biskut... @ 12/24/08, 12:53 AM
Tawel Sensei:

Heheh. Sebenarnya, mukanya tenang selepas melihat pantulan ketenangan si penangkap gambar. Ekeke!

Tak perlu poker face. Memang dah menenangkan. Muahahaha!


Mana ada free iklan?
Sila siapkan sebut harga untuk royalti.

Sayalah. Siapa lagi? Hish.

Von Charlie:

Terima kasih!
Blog? Terima kasih. Credits to the designer. Heheh.

Sila. Sila. Jemputlah makan biskut sekali sambil menziarah.


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