5 biskut Sep 18, 2008

About me (from the other perspective)

So...do u think this really suits me?

-still giggling (the 7th and the 10th are the funniest! Heck?!)-

I was speechless when I heard the list...
It was actually my lecturer's idea to do the activity...
We have to pick out a name, randomly, from a box.

The name will contain one of your classmates' name and you have to write a minimum of 10 positive, good things about him/her.
It was really fun!

We had a blast just by listening to the list of positive things our friend made about their friends.It was funny, honest and at the same time, a very touching moment.

I never knew that my friends (and I) have created such a bond after nearly three years being together as a classmate. -weepy-

p.s. can not wait til 2011. But I wish it will not come either :(